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  1. The BFCESD shall create and maintain an auxiliary for the purpose of supporting both the Fire Fighter and Ambulatory personnel, departments and buildings of the BFCESD.  The intent is to encourage community involvement, through Auxiliary membership and community engagement, with the seven municipalities served by the BFCESD.
  2. The BFCESD Auxiliary (aka Friends of the BFCESD) shall operate autonomously by creating their own bylaws.  However, the Auxiliary:
    1. Shall elect their own officers to include as a minimum a President, Vice President, and Historian.  While members of the Joint Board are welcome to be members of the Auxiliary, they are not eligible to be Auxiliary officers with the exception of below.
    2. Secretary/Treasurer duties shall be performed the BFCESD Secretary/Treasurer.  The Auxiliary shall maintain separate financial accounting (i.e. separate ledger) for Auxiliary on-going activities and shall provide monthly financial reporting under the BFCESD EIN.  
    3. President shall be a non-voting member of the BFCESD Joint Board of Commissioners and shall regularly attend the monthly BFCESD Board meetings, providing feedback to the Joint Board and monthly reporting of Auxiliary activities.
    4. Shall not, through their activities, negatively impact the cost or quality of fire and ambulance services to the communities served.
  3. The BFCESD Joint Board has the power, through a quorum vote, to dissolve the BFCESD Auxiliary if the Auxiliary is no longer acting for the benefit of the BFCESD.