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Rick OswaltTown of BirchwoodPRESENT, Mike HesslingTown of Cedar LakePRESENT, Al DirkesTown of DoylePRESENT, Pete BaribeauTown of EdgewaterPRESENT, Debbie BoumaTown of Long LakePRESENT, Cindy FairchildTown of WilsonPRESENT John DepoisterVillage of BirchwoodABSENT


Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services District will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 6:30 PM, BFCESD offices at 101 West Loomis Street, Suite B, Birchwood WI.

Approved on: 2/10/2022

  1. Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Roll Call.
  3. Al Dirkes made a motion to approve the Dec 16, 2021 Meeting Minutes, 2nd by Mike Hessling, carried 5-0 (Pete B abstained)
  4. Public Input. Linda Zillmer-Thanked Cindy for posting the Original By-Laws on the website. Would like us to change wording of By-laws so we can apply grants.
  5. Fire Department Report—See attached reports.
  6. Ambulance Service Report—See attached reports.
  7. Discuss fundraising. Pete Baribeau made a motion to appoint Mike Hessling as Interim Fund-Raising Chair until John Depoister is able to return, 2nd by Al Dirkes, carried 6-0. Discussion was made on different avenues to go, List of Contacted Doners, List of Potential Doners, have each Township/Village get reach out to potential doners. Debbie Bouma will reach out to Dave Cleveland to give them reassurance on where the fundraising is at.
  8. Address Expired Cleveland Matching Grant options. Debbie Bouma will talk to the Cleveland regarding this.
  9. Building Committee report and update on Construction Insurance, no meeting was held. Mike Hessling met with Ken George and Vince Fairchild regarding comments from a member of the Fire Dept on changes. The plans dated Dec 14 are the ones that will be used for the cost analysis & permits. NWB preconstruction contract that was approved last year not to exceed $30,000 with upfront payment of $5,000 to be used towards that amount. Everything will be sealed bids give to Building Committee to be opened and reviewed. Mike Hessling would like to have NWB of doing 2 phases , Phase 1 of doing a resized scope of current funds we have and funding from Towns/Village and Phase 2 would come as additional funds from Fund-raising would be available. Mike Hessling made a motion to allow the Building Committee to address the Phase 1 and 2 with NWB for information on a fit for a Phase 1 & 2 approach of the Building Plans, 2nd by Pete Baribeau, Carried 6-0 Cindy contacted Spectrum Insurance and construction insurance coverage is part of our policy at no extra cost they need start date and total estimated cost of building.
  10. There were not changes from the Dec 14, 2021 Building plans from NWB.
  11. Item Tabled until next meeting–Update on Risk Assessment that the auditor Brandon Willger mentioned.
  12. Pete Baribeau made a motion to approve donations of $4,330.00 that were received since the last meeting, 2nd by Al Dirkes , carried 6-0
  13. Pete Baribeau made a motion to approve the Bookkeepers report as presented, 2 nd by Al Dirkes, carried 6-0
  14. Al Dirkes made a motion to approve Bills as presented for payment Epay # 93-103 and check 7965-7986, 2nd by Pete Baribeau, carried 6-0
  15. Review Correspondence—none
  16. Commissioners Input. Town of Birchwood—Rick Oswalt—Nothing Town of Cedar Lake—Mike Hessling—From his last town board meeting of the negativity on the building. We need to pull together so we’re all talking the same. Cost effective way for our First Responder to protect our communities. Town of Doyle—Al Dirkes—agreed with Mike, getting comments that we they to see things happen and we have to remain positive. Town of Edgewater– Pete Baribeau—would like to see board members from townships/village be present and help out with this project. Town of Long Lake—Debbie Bouma—agreed with Pete that we need help from everyone. Town of Wilson—Cindy Fairchild—Nothing Village of Birchwood—John Depoister–absent
  17. Pete Baribeau made a motion to adjourn @ 8:08p.m., 2nd by Al Dirkes, carried 6-0

The BFCESD Office is handicap accessible. If you have special needs regarding attendance please call
715 354 3003.

A quorum of board members from each municipality may be present. No actions will be taken by any participating governmental body other than those stated in this notice.

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