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Rick Oswalt-Town of Birchwood-Present, Mike Hessling-Town of Cedar Lake-Present, Al Dirkes-Town of Doyle-Present, Pete Baribeau-Town of Edgewater-Present, Leroy Sandridge-Town of Long Lake-Present, Cindy Fairchild-Town of Wilson-Present, John Depoister-Village of Birchwood-Present


Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services District will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 6:30 PM, BFCESD offices at 101 West Loomis Street, Suite B, Birchwood WI.

Approved on: 11/18/2021

  1. Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Roll Call—See Above
  3. Leroy Sandridge made a motion to approve the Sept 16, 2021 Meeting Minutes, 2nd by Al Dirkes , Carried 7-0
  4. Public Input—Linda Zillmer- Regarding Sawyer Cty CMS concerns and would like to have Commissioners Accept not Approve Bookkeepers reports and to address Risk management concerns.
  5. Property east of the Mill that the BFCESD owns was listed with Mark Erickson for $25,000.00. John Depoister got a letter from MSA of what can be built etc. within the 500’ of the well head. John will send that to the realtor.
  6. Fire Department Report-See Attached report
  7. John Depoister made a motion to approve the Sale of the carport on the Euclid property contingent by the choice of the fire dept at their next meeting, 2nd by Mike Hessling, Carried 7-0
  8. Ambulance Service Report-See Attached report—Vince talked a little about the CMS issue.
  9. Mike Hessling made a motion to approve Lease $620.00 per month from D&A Birchwood Property LLC for the 101 West Loomis Suite B for Fire and Ambulance Service for the term of 1 year starting with July 1, 2021 thru June 30, 2022, 2nd by Leroy Sandridge , Carried 7-0
  10. Building Committee report. Review and disposition Northwest Builder’s proposal for building plan updates and permitting activities. Mike Hessling mentioned about moving out the groundbreaking to May 2022 pending permitting, fundraising and promissory note approval. NWM-Chris M had told Mike that the project may come in under the $2.5 million because materials etc. have dropped slightly. 10% contingency on top of total project in case it goes over, Mike mentioned that fundraising could continue to help cover that cost instead of each entity.
    Leroy Sandridge made a motion to approve the $5,000.00 payment to NWB to start the contract with corrections that were given to Mike Hessling, 2nd by Rick Oswalt, Carried 7-0
    Mike Hessling is planning a Building committee meeting Nov 4, 2021.
  11. Update on Risk Assessment that the auditor Brandon Willger mentioned. Spectrum Insurance was contacted and they sent an application that needs to be filled out and sent in for quote that would start 1/1/2022 when new policy goes into effect. John Depoister is hoping to meet with Mr. Bock at Dairy State Bank before the next board meeting.
  12. Mike Hessling made a motion to approve donations $4,301.00 that was received from Sept 14- Oct 11,2021 and a check from the Cleveland’s for $100,000.00, 2nd by John Depoister , Carried 7-0
  13. Pete Baribeau made a motion to accept the Bookkeepers report as presented, 2nd by Al Dirkes, Carried 7-0
  14. John Depoister made a motion to approve Epay #70-76 and Checks 7870-(7890 for VOB water/sewer bill)as presented for payment, 2nd by Peter Baribeau, Carried 7-0
  15. Review Correspondence—email from Linda Zillmer
  16. Commissioners Input.
    Town of Birchwood—Rick Oswalt—question on ARAP how is it being allocated in the townships.
    Town of Cedar Lake—Mike Hessling—Nothing
    Town of Doyle—Al Dirkes—mentioned rds. need help, also concerns about the ARAP allocation requirements.
    Town of Edgewater—Pete Baribeau—Mentioned that ARAP funds maybe can be used on roads and the money used for roads can be shifted to building.
    Town of Long Lake—Leroy Sandridge—Nothing
    Town of Wilson—Cindy Fairchild—Nothing
    Village of Birchwood—John Depoister—Nothing
  17. Mike Hessling made a motion to adjourn @ 7:39 p.m., 2nd by Pete Baribeau, Carried 7-0

The BFCESD Office is handicap accessible. If you have special needs regarding attendance please call
715 354 3003.

A quorum of board members from each municipality may be present. No actions will be taken by any participating governmental body other than those stated in this notice.

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